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Invisibility Sucks is a stealth/exploration style game in which you utilise your newfound power of invisibility to escape an underground laboratory. 

The core gameplay will involve finding coloured keycards that correspond to certain forcefields which open up paths to different exits. The exit you use, and how you go about your escape, is up to you. 

There are many ways you can use the base gameplay mechanics in order to accomplish your goal. I encourage you to experiment with gameplay. Who knows, you may even figure out a strategy that no one else has.

This game was my first real dive into Unreal Engine, and was created as the last project during my final year in the bachelor of motion design. I had one semester to put everything together, from pre production to a playable game. It was a lot of fun making this, and I hope you all enjoy playing it.  

Updated 29 days ago
AuthorJaden T
Made withUnreal Engine, Cinema 4D
Tags3D, Exploration, school, Stealth, Unreal Engine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Playstation controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

For the best performance, I highly recommend that you run the benchmark when you open the game for the very first time. This will attempt to set the graphics settings to the ideal levels for you PC. Note: You will still be able to change these settings yourself if you wish.

If you have downloaded the directX12 version and run into issues such as the menus running extremely slow (even after lowering the graphics settings), try the directX11 version and this may help.


invisibility-sucks-win-dx12.zip 943 MB
Version 1 34 days ago
invisibility-sucks-win-dx11.zip 943 MB
Version 1 34 days ago

Development log


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The game for me was really smooth, when you had to run it looked kind of funny (running animation).. other than that, i liked the concept, its really simple but leaves you with multiple ways of getting out, I watched Naughty Nelly play on youtube and he said i should check it out, anyway this is how it went for me. 5/5


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

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A very interesting game i liked the mechanics and the stealth style gameplay, although i absolutely sucked during my run, in my run i found navigation very disorientating and finding keys difficult, it could be just the way i was playing it but the keys should be a little more noticable or make the lab look a little more like a lab instead of a few desks and cupboards, the keys are very easy to miss.

 The monster was terrifying and a really nice touch and the fact it chases you back to the facility and kills the guards aswell really heightens the fear .

 The second level, the guards seemed a little overpopulated the minute you come out of the lift but this maybe intentional so just an opinion instead of a gripe.

  The game is nice and fun to play apart from some very minor issues but this is probably down to the short time you had to create it ,overall it was a great experience.


Thank you very much for the well thought out feedback! Your playthrough was really great to watch! I always find it interesting seeing the different ways people approach the game and I definitely noticed a few things I could change to help make it a bit easier to navigate (especially the second level). Playthroughs like this are really helpful (and cool to see in general) so thanks again for playing!

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video, i am honoured to know the creator has watched it i feel very humbled, i look forward to your future productions.


kinda cool! Lack of checkpoint/saves was a bummer, I didn't make it to the exit after the second portal and wasn't feeling it to retry completely. Liked the voice acting!


Thanks, glad you like it! Yeah, good feedback, I'll admit I have been in that situation myself before. The current checkpoint system is likely more balanced towards what worked for my school exhibition,  so I'll definitely look into how I can balance it better.




Thanks for giving it a go! Sorry about the lag, I’m aware of the poor performance on lower end/older devices and I’m hoping I can figure out a solution soon (but I can’t make any promises unfortunately). In the meantime for anyone that’s having issues there is a setting in the options menu for changing the resolution, so if you’re lagging like this lowering it may help.


no problem.,..is good idea game ..like it